Xana at Brighton Music Hall

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Brighton Music Hall - MA | Allston, Massachusetts


The chance to see this amazing performer in 2024 is a rarity, so we advise you to mark your calendar for Xana and a one-time-only show on Sunday 23rd June 2024 at the incredible Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Massachusetts. It’s gonna be legendary and you want to be a part of this iconic event! Thousands of fans will be there for what critics have hailed as THE show of 2024. With a tour this captivating on the table, you need to act fast! Click the ‘get tickets’ button here and those seats are yours!

Xana has caused a huge stir in the music biz this year, tickets sales are an all time high and fanatics hammered down the door to get their hands on them! Xana seems to be all people can talk about currently and its understandable because there isn't anywhere near as excellent an act on the alternative music scene, so obviously fanatics are going wild! The anticipated summer, 2024 tour will make a Allston stop in June. There has been a lot of chatter about where the evening will be held, and amazingly this time around, it'll be at nowhere else but the amazing Brighton Music Hall, Allston, Massachusetts, world famous for it's stunning features, the excellent service, the wonderful choices of refreshments on offer and the perfect location. Brighton Music Hall is a stunning music venue and is bound to make your night that little bit better on Sunday 23rd June 2024. Click the link on this page to get your ticket this second!

Xana at Brighton Music Hall - MA

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