Redd Kross at Brighton Music Hall

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Brighton Music Hall - MA | Allston, Massachusetts

Redd Kross

You don't get along with the crowd, youre not a quivering sheep! No! You're an Alternative Music fan! You've got Independence, and a sense of taste! From Pop, EDM, and Rock to R&B, Funk and Rap music, you like all genres of music, and you like them mixed. And for that, you've gone to the right site, as one of the finest acts, Redd Kross is heading Massachusetts and you have to be there, in the crowd, looking like a herd of sheep... but independent sheep!!!

Redd Kross bursts into the summer kicking off their latest tour, supporting their brand-new album. Catch them live at Allston's Brighton Music Hall this coming Saturday 27th July 2024. They're a genre legend, and this is the year you get to see them Live on stage So, smash that "Get Tickets" button on the right and make sure you get enough for your buddies too, because there's absolutely nothing worse than a lost little sheep...

Tone down the popular songs that are everywhere and get into the unique sounds of this impressive lineup. You probably already know what’s coming: the lively Redd Kross is coming to town and bringing their music to Massachusetts’s Brighton Music Hall on Saturday 27th July 2024 for an impressive LIVE show, and you just have to be there for yourself!

Our headliner is already taking the music scene by storm. Fans love the group’s unique rhythms and can’t seem to get enough of them. The highly anticipated summer trek is finally coming to life for alt fans from near and far. Expect to hear their unmistakable tunes, from their most popular ones to the underground songs, they’re bringing on the leading concert that you’ll ever witness.

The globally famous group is just as thrilled to be hitting the road for this tour. As the skilled band rocks ‘till nights end with their own spin on the genre, listeners will all notice that they’re bringing a whole new meaning to alternative music. Join in on the captivating world of alt music as this lineup takes to the stage and lets off electric energy the whole show for the night. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just recently heard of them, this concert guarantees a time filled with a ton of lasting moments.

There’s more to this event than their epic performance. Brighton Music Hall is taking charge for this one-of-a-kind concert, and you will surely leave the place feeling contentented. The premier venue has various food and drink options to choose from and high-quality sounds and visuals to make your stay one that you’ll never forget

So don't wait any longer to see this unique performance! Round up your gang and go to Brighton Music Hall on Saturday 27th July 2024 to witness the rare Redd Kross performing like never before. Get lost in the music and buy your seat now by clicking the “Buy Tickets” prompt, and dance the night away like never before!

Redd Kross at Brighton Music Hall - MA

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